Moody Center Online offers a convenient and engaging distance learning platform to assist ministry leaders in advancing the gospel in bold new ways.

  • Course instructors are experienced, passionate and well-known subject matter experts

  • Diverse topics range from the “business” of ministry and sermon preparation to personal growth and theology

  • Short course modules are self-paced and self-assessed to fit individual needs and availability

  • Certificate of Completion issued upon completion of each course

  • Course library will quickly expand throughout 2019. Check back often!

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Communicating God's Word | Moody Center

Communicate God’s Word

What questions must you ask before structuring a biblical message? Simplify sermon preparation with six rules for interpreting the Bible and applying the scriptural text.

Communicating Genesis | Moody Center Course

Communicating the Old Testament Scriptures: Genesis

Understanding the complex book of Genesis is as simple as answering three key questions. Explore a simple paradigm for teaching Genesis and other Old Testament narratives.

Understanding Children and Technology Part 1

Understanding Children and Technology Part 1

Today’s children spend a lot of time interacting on a screen. Revolutionize the way you approach and help them to navigate this increasingly technological world.

Understanding Children and Technology Part 2

Understanding Children and Technology Part 2

Building on the first course, Part II addresses the use of technology as a positive influence to connect more effectively with younger generations.

Children's Ministry Course | Moody Center

Faith Formation in Children

Remove the guesswork from discipling children. Learn a framework for faith formation in babies, toddlers and elementary-aged children from an expert in youth ministry.