Exclusive Reveal, First-time Operational Plan for the Moody Center

Exclusive Reveal, First-time Operational Plan for the Moody Center

Board members will be presented with a first-time operational plan for the Moody Center at the July board meeting. As an organization, the Moody Center has had about a year to develop these plans and put them into an early operational format. There are four key parts:

  • First, Moody Center Online. This offering of online courses is designed to encourage and educate under-resourced bi-vocational pastors and church leaders. We are pleased to announce that Dr. James Spencer, former dean of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, will be leading the coursework design, operational plan and handling the completion certifications. One goal is to discover the most popular courses early on and to make those available to the public. In turn, gaining traction as fast as possible.
  • Second, Moody Center at Northfield. The goal in constructing a master plan for the land was“thebest and highest use for every area of the Moody Center”. This included the legacy properties: Moody’s homestead, birthplace, gravesite and the historic auditorium, Revell Hall. It has been decided the Moody Center will need a more adequate facility for guests. Due to a high volume of visitors already, there are plans to build a Moody Center lodge. The lodge will contain 120 hotel rooms, conference and breakout spaces—accommodating groups of 25 and 50—a 300-seat auditorium, with accommodations for dinner meetings of up to 300 guests. This will potentially place the Moody Center in a“sweetspot” for event planners in the Northeast, as well as nationally.
  • Third, recreational and leisure space. The beautiful wooded areas to the north of the Moody Center will be used for hiking and biking, recreation, cabins in the woods and possibly an RV park. Some of the hiking trails will feed into other New England trails that span hundreds of miles. Not far from the Moody Center’s wooded area is the marina and boat launch. Guests can also kayak on the Connecticut River, which is calm and peaceful. These recreational and leisure options compliment the lodge by adding another dimension to conferences and other meetings.
  • Fourth, adult active living area. These cottage style homes will provide inexpensive housing on the Moody Center properties. The vision is for seniors to primarily occupy the housing; yet also provide living space for young teachers and professors re-locating to teach at the college.

The Moody Center at Northfield is to be a body, mind and spirit retreat and event facility.

  • Body: Moody Center recreational areas
  • Mind: Thomas Aquinas College, with students, books, teachers and researchers
  • Spirit: Moody Center Online as a premier resource for bi-vocational pastors

The Moody Center itself will become a comprehensive community, bringing thousands of people to the Northfield area. And, providing the nation with a marquis conference area that has elements of D.L. Moody’s heritage and yet has the forward thinking of some of the youngest and most talented minds in the Christian world, solving problems and creating new innovations and ideas about how we do the work of Christ.


Event Save the Date:

October 23, 2018: Save the Date!
The Moody Center Launch event
Featured Speaker: Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church
Watch for more details in future updates, including other special guests.