Go Dark. Shine Bright.


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Go Dark, Shine Bright begins with a guided social media fast and concert of prayer online and at various locations across New England including the D. L. Moody Center in Northfield, MA. Throughout the week believers will gather together to pray in physical locations and via Zoom.

In the second ten days, participants will proclaim Christ with five non-believers, as well as sharing social media posts that present the gospel and challenge unbelievers to dedicate their lives to Christ. 

Invest in prayer and evangelism by pledging to participate in the Go Dark, Shine Bright campaign in May 2022. We are praying for 50,000 participants in the campaign in 2022 so that we can reach 250,000 unbelievers with the gospel message and distribute 500,000 social media posts proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.