A Light in the Darkness (Part 4)

Since the summer of 2020, with the protests and riots that stemmed from the unlawful killing of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers, many comparisons have been made between the civil unrest in America today and that of the 1960s when both the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War protests had reached their […]

A Light in the Darkness (Part 2)

Thurman Mitchell stood outside a train stop in Ottawa, Kansas, in complete shock. Finally standing on US soil after 181 days in Europe, where he and the rest of the “Black Panthers” in the 761st black tank battalion had served heroically under General Patton, tears ran from his eyes. But these were not tears of […]

A Light in the Darkness (Part 3)

For good reason, Emmitt Mitchell speaks proudly of the women in his family heritage, who despite the darkness thrust upon them, chose to live in the light and glorify Christ despite their sometimes life-crushing circumstances. Nancy Mallory, the fourteen-year-old slave who was forced to add to her burdens eight children from her owner. Malvinna Allen, […]

A Light in the Darkness (Part 1)

In the book of Genesis, a young and brash Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites by none other than his brothers. Decades later, after years of slavery, false accusations, and prison, Joseph saw his brothers again and told them, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20). […]