D.L. Moody

I am wondering if you all are really aware of the many movements that now exist throughout the world that flowed from the ministry of Dwight Moody.

Billy Graham, personal correspondence with Emma Moody

The D.L. Moody Digital Archives captures our mission to better understand the life and work of D.L. Moody and to understand the work that God accomplished through him.  The archives contains correspondence, journals and diaries, sermon notes, student records, photos, and recollections about Mr. Moody ranging from the 1850s to the mid twentieth century.  The completed archives will reveal new sides of Mr. Moody’s private life and public activities, and feature:

  • Materials from five core collections
  • More than 2,800 letters by or to Mr. Moody, from more than 100 correspondents
  • More than 200 handwritten sermons

These documents include full transcriptions and shed light on Moody’s relationships with family, friends, and ministry partners as well his travels around the globe to share the gospel.  Many of the artifacts referenced here will be exhibited at the D.L. Moody Museum in Northfield.

​Why is it so important to preserve and remember the work of D.L. Moody today? 

He was a pivotal figure of church and American history.  Many aspects of religious life today date to his work.


Here are a few surprises about D.L. Moody:

  • He ministered to military personnel during the American Civil War
  • He became a close friend of General Ulysses S. Grant
  • He worked tirelessly with Southern prisoners of war
  • He is a founder of the modern Christian publishing industry
  • He is deeply influential in the religious history of Great Britain
  • He championed education for women and disadvantaged children
  • He preached the gospel to more than 100 million people in his lifetime
  • Billy Graham‘s ministry model is a direct copy of D.L. Moody’s ministry model. Like Moody, Graham preached to tens of thousands during crusades and then connected them with the local church for discipleship training

Great-grandson of D.L. Moody provides an up-close and personal tour of Moody’s homestead in Northfield, MA, July 2018.