what we do

D. L. Moody Center encourages spiritual transformation by preparing God’s people to proclaim the uncomplicated gospel.

D. L. Moody Center (DLMC) seeks to work in concert with local congregations and to participate with God as He ushers in the next Great Awakening. DLMC has chosen to serve as a catalyst because of our conviction that discipleship happens best within the context of the local church. Our desire is to be known as an organization that is for the local congregations in New England and beyond. We strive to be an organization that does not diminish local congregations, but holds up and enhances the work of the local church through encouragement, preparation, and proclamation.

Auditorium at Northfield

why we do it


We do what we do because the world is not as it should be. We live in a broken world that has lost its way. While the challenges and injustices of the world are painfully obvious, the root cause of those problems have been forgotten. There is no human solution to sin and death. Our limitations and misdirected desires will always result in cruelty, partiality, and disappointment.

The gospel message is uncomplicated, but the problems we face are not. While accepting Christ will not solve all the world’s problems, it is a necessary starting point because “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Prov 1:9). While we may leave this world more broken than we found it, we know that we convey God to the world by continuing to be faithful as we confront a world so broken only God can fix it. Yet, if we want to see a world in which people admit their faults, make restitution, offer forgiveness, and show love for their neighborr, we must first call off of humanity to obey the greatest commandment: “…love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (Matt 22:37).

We desire to see the world and the individuals within it transformed by the power of God’s word. We believe in the power of the gospel and trust that, as God’s people come together, the Spirit will bless our work. Our hope, along with Dwight Moody is to see “a wave surging from Maine to California sweeping thousands into the Kingdom of God.”

how we do it

Encourage. Challenge. Proclaim.

Moody was the preeminent evangelist of his day, yet he also had a passions to see God’s people ready to do the work of the Kingdom together. Moody opened the Northfield Campus as a place to educate young men and women and to encourage pastors and Christian workers. He desired to see the whole church make much of Christ through his work on the Northfield campus. Today, DLMC carries on that work today through placemaking, storytelling, and mobilizing ministry efforts.


The D. L. Moody Center is not a school, yet we believe there is much to be learned by looking at all God accomplished through the life and ministry of D. L. Moody. In telling Moody’s story, we seek to make much of God and to challenge believers today to trust the God who used a humble man from Northfield, MA, to do the work of the Kingdom.


The D. L. Moody Center is blessed with a beautiful, historic property in Northfield, MA. In seeking to restore, preserve, and enhance the various buildings and sites, we desire to see the Northfield campus become a place where embattled, faithful ministry leaders can rest, reflect, and respond the the promptings of the Holy Spirit as in the life of D. L. Moody.

More than that, we envision a unique museum experience dedicated to proclaiming the gospel through the life and ministry of Dwight L. Moody. Everyone who comes to stay at or visit the D. L. Moody Center will be exposed to God’s message of salvation. Through stories, art, and exhibits, we will challenge those who visit to recognize Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


The D. L. Moody Center seeks to be a catalyst for spiritual transformation in New England and beyond. As such, we provide a number of online articles, support the D. L. Moody Digital Archives, and partner with other organizations to encourage the church to remember what God did through Dwight Moody. In addition, we facilitate cross-denominational discussion, assist in discipleship movements, and mobilize God’s people to offer a corporate witness to the gospel. The D. L. Moody Center also hosts a variety of retreats and events in conjunction with other ministries.

Why we do it

our legacy


Dwight Moody is not the hero of the story. It is certainly safe to say that he is part of the “great cloud of witnesses” that “by faith” built schools, shared the gospel with multiple millions, cared for the poor and downtrodden, and inspired countless others to do the work of the Kingdom. But Moody would have been the first to point out that he did only accomplished what he did because God gave him the power to do so and guided his steps. If we look back at Dwight Moody and don’t see God, we are missing the only part of the story that really matters.

At the D. L. Moody Center, we believe that God is not done with D. L. Moody and he is not done with us either. He continues to use Moody’s life and thought to remind us that he works through ordinary people who are prepared to follow him. As Moody himself notes, “A great many people are afraid of the will of God, and yet I believe that one of the sweetest lessons that we can learn in the school of Christ is the surrender of oru wills to God, letting Him plan for us and rule our lives.”

Prayer Circle

So, who makes the D. L. Moody Center work? 

We have a number of people to thank for what the D. L. Moody Center is today. We are truly grateful for the contributions of:

  • Our leadership
  • Our staff
  • Our ministry partners
  • The town of Northfield
  • Our donors – become a donor!

The Generosity Journey

Pastor Chip Ingram says, “Generosity is the gateway to intimacy with God.” Moody Center’s vision to be a catalyst for spiritual transformation in New England and beyond is a big vision.