D.L. Moody Featured in Theology Mag

Theology magazine featuring D. L. Moody

In the latest issue of Theology Mag (theologymag.com), several contributors examine various aspects of the theological thought of D.L. Moody.  Rightly recognized as an American evangelist, the Moody Center’s D.L. Moody Digital Archives launched in late 2019 offers new resources for evaluating Moody’s intersection with issues concerning the challenges associated with the Civil War, reconstruction, race, and a variety of other topics.  While he is not often viewed as a theologian due in part to the more devotional contents of his published works, Moody was a theologian in his own right.  His theological work was not recorded in academic publications, but inscribed in his life, his work, and his letters.  There is much for modern-day believers to learn from D.L. Moody.

The issue provides insights on the D.L. Moody Archives in articles by Dan Koehler and James Spencer, as well as through an interview with Dave Powell, Moody’s great grandson, who spearheaded the archival efforts with his now late son Tim. Kevin Belmonte’s cover article stresses a variety of theological themes that informed Moody’s life and ministry, while Gregg Quiggle focuses in on the way in which proclaiming the gospel and performing acts of compassion and social work were inseparably intertwined in Moody’s thought and practice of ministry.  Mark Ballard describes Moody’s willingness to learn and the way it impacted his preaching. 

Two articles also reflect on the abiding spiritual impact of D.L. Moody. Paul Kim points to those touched by Moody as his enduring legacy and calls us to follow in Moody’s footsteps. In “Moody’s Northfield,” James Spencer reflects on the Northfield property as a space uniquely designed to inspire those who visit to commune with God and to reflect theologically. 

If ever you have had an interest in D.L. Moody, this issue of Theology Mag offers an insightful, heartfelt introduction to his life and thought.  You can access the issue for free online at theologymag.com.  You can also find out more about D.L. Moody and follow the activities associated with the restoration of the Northfield property by signing up for Moody Center’s newsletter at moodycenter.org/connect.