Why you need to visit Northfield

Northfield, Massachusetts—the birthplace of D.L. Moody and home to much of his work… You might be surprised how many people have never heard of this place.

Moody fans have long associated his ministry with Chicago or even the United Kingdom, but it’s here at Northfield where Moody’s legacy began. And, it’s where his ministry continued even after his death. The seminaries, speakers, and conferences at Northfield launched many missionaries and evangelistic movements.

Why visit Northfield?
We believe when you set foot on this property, you will become a part of this rich spiritual legacy. From many visitors, we hear that Northfield remains a sacred space—full of God’s Spirit and moving for those who see it in person.

Come to Northfield!

  • If you are longing for a fresh start and renewal in your life and ministry, come to Northfield. You’ll find safe, sacred, quiet, and inspiring spaces here.
  • Your work needs to be anchored in history. Glean wisdom from the great Christian leaders who have gone before us by learning about D.L. Moody history’s where it happened.
  • Be a part of shaping a spiritual movement in New England. We want more conveners to come to this space and add to the momentum. Even after Moody’s death, many others continued to fill the space with teachings, and you can be one of those voices.

We can’t wait to see you here! Contact us for more information on how you can tour the campus or host an event on the property.