Becoming Useful to God

For more on becoming useful to God, download the first offering from Shine Bright 365 titled “Becoming Useful to God.” “If I know my own heart to-day, I would rather die than live as I once did, a mere nominal Christian, and not used by God in building up his kingdom. It seems a poor […]

Twenty Questions: Christians and Pro-Life in the United States

With the recent Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, Christians will likely encounter those with questions.  In an effort to assist believers as they answer those who are confused by or disagree with the decision, the attached guide from Shine Bright 365 was created.  Authored by Dr. James Spencer, President of the D. L. […]

A Framework for Discipled Discernment (5 of 6)

Christian spiritual discernment grows as we commit to becoming disciples of Christ.  Discipleship requires that we learn to obey.  We study God’s word, pray, worship, fast, and engage in a host of other disciplines so that we can resist being formed by the world and, instead, be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom […]

Why Christians Need to Get Serious about Discipleship Now (1 of 6)

Why is discipleship important? Why do God’s people need to get serious about discipleship now?  The simple answer: now is better than later.  While it may be tempting to create a crisis for which discipleship is the solution, discipleship is not a solution.  It isn’t something we do to fix some problem we are facing.  […]

Discerning and Discipleship (2 of 6)

As Christians, we embody our particular historical situation as people who serve the past, present, and future.  As we seek to embody Christ faithfully, we find helps and hindrances in the social groupings to which we belong.  These social groupings may include a number of different communities such as the local congregation to which we […]

Finding peace in Advent

The end of the year brings with it numerous ways for us to spend our money. Virtual Black Friday deals and Christmas music and decorations already being displayed at the store reminds us that the Christmas season has become a time when we are urged to consume. It seems to me that, for Christians, particularly […]

D. L. Moody’s Northfield

For more information on the D. L. Moody Center, watch “Retreat in the Lord or Find the Lord: New D. L. Moody Center Offers a Place of Spiritual Renewal,” on The 700 Club. “I believe the blessing of God is going to rest upon this building and those who come here. I think Northfield is […]

Two for Flinching: Vulnerability in Leadership

As a kid, I remember playing the game where someone would pretend that they were going to hit you. If you reacted, or “flinched,” you got “two for flinching” and were punched twice in the arm. When I first started working full-time as an Assistant Dean, I was prone to flinching. It was not uncommon […]

Knowing what you don’t know

Engaging in any sort of research can be daunting. It is humbling to realize how little I know about the world. After three advanced theological degrees, it’s even more humbling to realize how little I really know about the Bible. But, as D.L. Moody said: “My friends, the men who have studied the Bible for […]