Decoding Christian Witness in a Digital Age

The Go Dark, Shine Bright campaign isn’t anti-social media. It is a call to discipleship. As Christians we don’t live with a split personality. We can’t be one person in our face-to-face interactions and another online. Offering a consistent, coordinated witness is crucial to reflecting God’s glory in a fallen world. While we should certainly […]

Being and Making Disciples

Dwight Moody seldom used the word discipleship in his writings. Instead, he often spoke of “usefulness” as a way to describe that state Christians enter as they deepen their commitment to following Jesus. For Moody, being useful could not be disconnected from one’s commitment to be conformed to the image of Christ. Whatever else it […]

The significance of Northfield, Massachusetts

Pictured: D.L. Moody in his carriage in Northfield, MA D.L. Moody was a well-traveled man. His evangelistic efforts took him to cities and states throughout North America and on journeys across the Atlantic to Great Britain and Europe. Moody’s extensive travel is even more impressive when one considers that he lived before travel by air […]

Our Mission: Creating Space

Throughout our 20 years of marriage we’ve lived in eight different cities and bought six different houses.  As we were reflecting on our rather transient lifestyle, we realized that if we had been trying to keep up that pace, we would have needed to list, sell, and move out of the house we are currently […]

The Future of Moody Center

When Dwight L. Moody was alive, the Northfield campus was a busy place. Not only was the 2,300-seat auditorium filled with people attending summer conferences, but Mr. Moody was quite hospitable. Before Revell Hall was built, for instance, Moody built an addition on to his own home to provide accommodations for the initial classes of […]