Discerning and Discipleship (2 of 6)

As Christians, we embody our particular historical situation as people who serve the past, present, and future.  As we seek to embody Christ faithfully, we find helps and hindrances in […]

Discipleship Against Ideology (6 of 6)

Ideology is not for me some crazy, abstract intellectual edifice and articulated worldview made to distract you from real problems…to mystify them…it’s the very way we perceive real problems.  Ideology […]

A Light in the Darkness (Part 4)

Since the summer of 2020, with the protests and riots that stemmed from the unlawful killing of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers, many comparisons have been made between […]

A Light in the Darkness (Part 3)

For good reason, Emmitt Mitchell speaks proudly of the women in his family heritage, who despite the darkness thrust upon them, chose to live in the light and glorify Christ […]

A Light in the Darkness (Part 1)

In the book of Genesis, a young and brash Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites by none other than his brothers. Decades later, after years of slavery, false accusations, and […]

Being and Making Disciples

Dwight Moody seldom used the word discipleship in his writings. Instead, he often spoke of “usefulness” as a way to describe that state Christians enter as they deepen their commitment […]