Hold Your Event
at the Moody Center

With a variety of facilities and resources at your disposal, the Moody Center is the venue for your next conference, retreat, or event.

Campus Amenities

Hibbard Hall

Ideal for retreats, Hibbard Hall offers low-cost, dorm-style accommodations. Contact us to learn more about availability and details.

Idyllwood Trails

Stroll under a high canopy of peaceful Idyllwood trails during your 45-minute hike on the Idyllwood trails while on campus. Visitors can wander in awe of God’s creation while relaxing both their mind and soul.

The Auditorium —
An Architectural Marvel

The Auditorium is another special place on the Moody Center property. Built in 1894, little has changed within the Auditorium over the last 125 plus years. Constructed with an inspirational architectural design, it offers a stunning backdrop for any event. Even by today’s standards, the acoustics are impressive, allowing one to speak at a normal volume from the stage and be heard in the farthest balcony seat. The Auditorium seats 2,300 and is an excellent location for worship.


The Moody Center arranges catering services upon request. We seek to utilize local caterers to meet the needs of our guests. Schedule your visit and book our catering services in advance to enjoy this service during your stay with us.

Planning a Larger Event?

If you need assistance booking a large event at the Moody Center, please contact us.