A Theology of Space

When I began working for the D. L. Moody Center, I listened to a lot of people describe Northfield … but I didn’t get it. I couldn’t quite grasp how this place was different from any other. Sure, it has historic buildings and a compelling story (D.L. Moody did much of his ministry there), but […]

Two for Flinching: Vulnerability in Leadership

As a kid, I remember playing the game where someone would pretend that they were going to hit you. If you reacted, or “flinched,” you got “two for flinching” and were punched twice in the arm. When I first started working full-time as an Assistant Dean, I was prone to flinching. It was not uncommon […]

Knowing what you don’t know

Engaging in any sort of research can be daunting. It is humbling to realize how little I know about the world. After three advanced theological degrees, it’s even more humbling to realize how little I really know about the Bible. But, as D.L. Moody said: “My friends, the men who have studied the Bible for […]

Persecution, forgiveness, and the gospel

“And when they came to the place that is called The Skull, there they crucified him, and the criminals, one on his right and one on his left. And Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ And they cast lots to divide his garments.” Luke 23:33-34 Having been hung on […]

A people willing and able to speak for Christ

This past week, we watched as Afghanistan was turned upside down. While it may be fashionable to consider the situation in Afghanistan and the Middle East more generally in political terms, as Christians we should take care to convey a theological perspective (a testimony) not only about the situation but also in our response to the […]

A Giant with Clay Feet

Too often when we see the flaws and failings—the “clay feet”—of past generations, we focus on the failure. True, mistakes have consequences. Whether because of willful disobedience, lack of foresight, or human incompleteness, none of us (not even our greatest heroes in the faith) will be perfect. As we look back at the clay feet that seem […]

Scripture, unity, and uncomfortable conversations

In an interview on the Raising the Conversation podcast, Oliver O’Donovan describes the nature of thinking deeply and of conveying one’s thoughts noting, “You have intuitions and intuition is a very good starting point … but then you have to put it to the test of constant scripture reading … and correct and enrich and […]

Being Theologically Flexible Without Becoming Double Jointed

“The Spirit of God doesn’t work where there is division, and what we want today is the spirit of unity amongst God’s children, so that the Lord may work.” D.L. Moody I’ve never been at any risk of becoming double-jointed. When I watch my daughters do some of their gymnastics moves, it seems clear to […]

Pray the Scriptures

I began my Master of Divinity degree in 2000 before continuing on to earn a two-year MA in Biblical Exegesis and, ultimately, my PhD in Theological Studies. When it was all said and done, I’d spent about 12 years as a student in theological education. I must admit, I enjoyed being a student. The study […]

Use Your (Biblical) Words

In his book Language Lost and Found Niklas Forsberg notes, “Words are worn and torn, and so turned (differently). At times they are torn and worn out. But since words are turned—changed but not necessarily exchanged since words may look the same while their concepts change—it is oftentimes hard to come to see that one […]