Use Your (Biblical) Words

In his book Language Lost and Found Niklas Forsberg notes, “Words are worn and torn, and so turned (differently). At times they are torn and worn out. But since words […]

Loving God, loving our neighbor

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if God’s people observed the two greatest commandments? When Jesus is asked which is the greatest commandment of the law, he […]

Who are you listening to?

When I was an Assistant Dean in distance learning, my department was going through a fair degree of change. It seemed as though everything was against us and I was […]

Why I Will Always Be a Christian

Over the past few years, several reports have been released of prominent pastors and theologians who have decided not to be Christian any longer. This has prompted me to reflect on my time as a Christian and to ask myself a simple, straightforward question: will I always be a Christian?

Transforming Our Questions

“Dad, are we there yet?” These five words in combination may be the bane of every parent’s existence. Driving to Florida for vacation with my wife and three young children, […]