DL Moody and Jesse Overholtzer: Great Child Evangelists for Christ

Pictured above: D.L. Moody (back row, left) with one of his first Chicago Sunday school classes, with Sunday school superintendent, J.V. Farwell (back row, right) The story of how God worked through humble men, a time of pandemic quarantine, and a small booklet of colors to reach generations of children with the Gospel. Moody goes […]

The significance of Northfield, Massachusetts

Pictured: D.L. Moody in his carriage in Northfield, MA D.L. Moody was a well-traveled man. His evangelistic efforts took him to cities and states throughout North America and on journeys across the Atlantic to Great Britain and Europe. Moody’s extensive travel is even more impressive when one considers that he lived before travel by air […]

D.L. Moody and the New England Revival Movements

The early history of New England is characterized by several distinct periods of renewed religious fervor. Dwight L. Moody, himself from the Massachusetts countryside, is one in a line of evangelists and preachers who are still remembered for their important roles in the revival and mission movements. Moody is not generally placed within a specific […]

D.L. Moody and the genesis of the Student Volunteer Movement

While he was staying in Northfield in the summer of 1885, a Princeton College student and YMCA member named Luther Wishard found himself at Mount Hermon at the invitation of D.L. Moody. At that first meeting, Moody mentioned his idea of a gathering of YMCA secretaries at Mount Hermon the next summer. When the two […]

Billy Graham and D.L. Moody: Obedience to the call of God

In the office of Dave Powell, D.L. Moody’s great-grandson, there are a number of documents and pictures in the process of being archived. While flipping through the binders, you might come across a particularly interesting letter written to Dwight’s daughter Emma Moody from none other than Billy Graham. The letter tells of his affection for […]