Longing for home: D.L. Moody on getting to where we belong

When we reflect on 2020, the dwindling of travel and traffic and the renewed emphasis on the home environment may be one of our most enduring shared memories. For many of us, the need to consolidate our work, study, family activities, and worship into a domestic routine has been deeply challenging but also a welcome […]

D.L. Moody, the Father

When we think of Mr. Moody, some of us immediately picture him preaching the gospel to thousands in a jammed auditorium. Others may see him working among the wounded during the Civil War. Some may conjure up in their minds the young Moody surrounded by children in his Sunday School. Many will think of him […]

Did you know D.L. Moody was a farmer?

When people think of Mr. Moody, most immediately picture him in Chicago at Moody Church or traveling around the world preaching to massive crowds.  While these are accurate images, when you read his letters, another Mr. Moody emerges – Mr. Moody the gentleman farmer. Here is letter from our archives to his brother George. He […]

The D.L. Moody Digital Archives and Historical Theology

Dwight Lyman Moody (1837-1899) counts among the best-known religious figures of 19th century American history, and certainly among the most influential evangelicals.  Part of this celebrity is a familiar set of impressions: he was a man of action, movement, orthodox convictions, a master of organization and planning, a minister to children, and above all a […]

D.L. Moody on finding contentment

“I am sure the happiest days of my life have been when I have tried to do the will of God as far as I know it to do…” — D.L. Moody in a letter to his son, William For a long time professional contentment escaped me. Despite what others might consider to be a […]