Reflections on Impartiality

“There is no class of people exempt from broken hearts.  The rich and the poor suffer alike. There was a time when I used to visit the poor that I thought […]

Praying Psalm 1

A prayer for discipleship inspired by Psalm 1. Lord, we ask that you will make us a blessed people who do not walk in the wicked’s counsel, stand in the […]

3 Questions to Help Find the Truth

D.L. Moody’s world may well have been in need of “true men and women,” but I’m afraid the problem has only become worse. Our world has become less enamored with those who are “true and honest and upright” than we are with those who are “great.” At the very least, it seems to me that we are in a situation that makes it difficult to tell just who the honest might be because we see so much of those who are “great.”

Moving Forward Faithfully

Over the course of my career, I’ve taken my fair share of criticism, particularly at times when people didn’t like the decisions I made or strategies I chose to implement.  […]

A Prayer to Witness Faithfully

One of my most popular blog posts is entitled “No Flinching.”  In it I describe a posture that I developed throughout my time as a leader in higher education.  Essentially, […]

Our Stories

It is not hard to believe that Dwight Moody inspired those who followed him to share the gospel and to build the body of Christ. The more I read about […]