Reflections on Impartiality

“There is no class of people exempt from broken hearts.  The rich and the poor suffer alike. There was a time when I used to visit the poor that I thought all the broken hearts were to be found among them, but within the last few years I have found there are as many broken hearts […]

Praying Psalm 1

A prayer for discipleship inspired by Psalm 1. Lord, we ask that you will make us a blessed people who do not walk in the wicked’s counsel, stand in the sinners’s way, or sit in the scoffers’s seat, but who find such delight in your instruction that it is always on our hearts, minds, and […]

3 Questions to Help Find the Truth

D.L. Moody’s world may well have been in need of “true men and women,” but I’m afraid the problem has only become worse. Our world has become less enamored with those who are “true and honest and upright” than we are with those who are “great.” At the very least, it seems to me that we are in a situation that makes it difficult to tell just who the honest might be because we see so much of those who are “great.”

3 Tips to Find Contentment with What Works

“There are many of us that are willing to do great things for the Lord, but few of us are willing to do little things.” D.L. Moody I starting dating my wife in high school and, shortly after we started dating, I also starting working on her father’s farm. I was the “poster boy” for […]

Longing for home: D.L. Moody on getting to where we belong

When we reflect on 2020, the dwindling of travel and traffic and the renewed emphasis on the home environment may be one of our most enduring shared memories. For many of us, the need to consolidate our work, study, family activities, and worship into a domestic routine has been deeply challenging but also a welcome […]

Is your sword intact?

“Cling to the whole Bible, not a part of it.  A man is not going to do much with a broken sword.” D.L. Moody The quote above comes from the archives at the Moody Center. It represents one of the keys to Moody’s life and ministry. For some of us, parts of the Bible are challenging […]

D.L. Moody, the Father

When we think of Mr. Moody, some of us immediately picture him preaching the gospel to thousands in a jammed auditorium. Others may see him working among the wounded during the Civil War. Some may conjure up in their minds the young Moody surrounded by children in his Sunday School. Many will think of him […]

Did you know D.L. Moody was a farmer?

When people think of Mr. Moody, most immediately picture him in Chicago at Moody Church or traveling around the world preaching to massive crowds.  While these are accurate images, when you read his letters, another Mr. Moody emerges – Mr. Moody the gentleman farmer. Here is letter from our archives to his brother George. He […]

A Prayer to Witness Faithfully

One of my most popular blog posts is entitled “No Flinching.”  In it I describe a posture that I developed throughout my time as a leader in higher education.  Essentially, not flinching requires (1)  the development of a non-defensive posture that remains curious and concerned for others, (2) a deep sense of self, (3) a […]

Praying as Jesus Prayed

The theology of the prayers of Jesus You may have heard the common phrase, “God is not a vending machine,” but why is that? Should I not ask for what I want? And how should I pray? Prayer becomes further complicated while pondering when (and how often) we should pray. Deeper still, I remember as […]