2020 and the Chicago Fire of 1871

As I write this, best estimates put the worldwide death toll for COVID-19 at a little over 930,000 people worldwide. At this point, one can only guess at the economic damage. Some of us have lost loved ones or property. This has been a devastating year for many of us. Dwight Moody also faced tremendous […]

Our Stories

It is not hard to believe that Dwight Moody inspired those who followed him to share the gospel and to build the body of Christ. The more I read about him, the more I come to understand why this man was particularly compelling. While Moody’s connection to Billy Graham is well known, Dwight Moody also […]

D.L. Moody in the memory of his contemporaries

In compiling the D.L. Moody Digital Archives, it has been inspiring to see that the same project has occurred to others before us, much closer to Moody in history, but similarly interested to understand his life and the great scope of his impact. Our project today builds on earlier efforts to gather records of Moody’s […]

DL Moody and Jesse Overholtzer: Great Child Evangelists for Christ

Pictured above: D.L. Moody (back row, left) with one of his first Chicago Sunday school classes, with Sunday school superintendent, J.V. Farwell (back row, right) The story of how God worked through humble men, a time of pandemic quarantine, and a small booklet of colors to reach generations of children with the Gospel. Moody goes […]

Where we’re headed: The future of the church in the United States, Part 4

My final aspirational prediction is informed by the house impeachment process and the reactions of various members of the evangelical community (e.g. the Christianity Today article entitled “Trump Should be Removed from Office”), as well as the upcoming election. As we express concerns or choose sides in political debates, Christians need to ensure that we […]

Prayer, Obedience, and the Only Power that Really Matters

I recently taught a class with Right On Mission called Cultural Maturity. It proved to be a timely experience given our particular cultural moment as we continue to face challenges regarding COVID-19, wrestle with tensions over history, race, and public policy, and look on at the specific activities happening in cities like Portland. In the […]