D. L. Moody’s Northfield

For more information on the D. L. Moody Center, watch “Retreat in the Lord or Find the Lord: New D. L. Moody Center Offers a Place of Spiritual Renewal,” on The 700 Club. “I believe the blessing of God is going to rest upon this building and those who come here. I think Northfield is […]

D.L. Moody, the Father

When we think of Mr. Moody, some of us immediately picture him preaching the gospel to thousands in a jammed auditorium. Others may see him working among the wounded during the Civil War. Some may conjure up in their minds the young Moody surrounded by children in his Sunday School. Many will think of him […]

Did you know D.L. Moody was a farmer?

When people think of Mr. Moody, most immediately picture him in Chicago at Moody Church or traveling around the world preaching to massive crowds.  While these are accurate images, when you read his letters, another Mr. Moody emerges – Mr. Moody the gentleman farmer. Here is letter from our archives to his brother George. He […]

2020 and the Chicago Fire of 1871

As I write this, best estimates put the worldwide death toll for COVID-19 at a little over 930,000 people worldwide. At this point, one can only guess at the economic damage. Some of us have lost loved ones or property. This has been a devastating year for many of us. Dwight Moody also faced tremendous […]

Our Stories

It is not hard to believe that Dwight Moody inspired those who followed him to share the gospel and to build the body of Christ. The more I read about him, the more I come to understand why this man was particularly compelling. While Moody’s connection to Billy Graham is well known, Dwight Moody also […]

D.L. Moody in the memory of his contemporaries

In compiling the D.L. Moody Digital Archives, it has been inspiring to see that the same project has occurred to others before us, much closer to Moody in history, but similarly interested to understand his life and the great scope of his impact. Our project today builds on earlier efforts to gather records of Moody’s […]

A Prayer for Faith, Wisdom, and Resolve

Toward the end of The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race by Willie James Jennings, Jennings expresses a desire for the church with which we resonate deeply. He writes, “I yearn for a vision of Christian intellectual identity that is compelling and attractive, embodying not simply the cunning of reason but the power […]

D.L. Moody and the genesis of the Student Volunteer Movement

While he was staying in Northfield in the summer of 1885, a Princeton College student and YMCA member named Luther Wishard found himself at Mount Hermon at the invitation of D.L. Moody. At that first meeting, Moody mentioned his idea of a gathering of YMCA secretaries at Mount Hermon the next summer. When the two […]

Billy Graham and D.L. Moody: Obedience to the call of God

In the office of Dave Powell, D.L. Moody’s great-grandson, there are a number of documents and pictures in the process of being archived. While flipping through the binders, you might come across a particularly interesting letter written to Dwight’s daughter Emma Moody from none other than Billy Graham. The letter tells of his affection for […]